#nerobrand_why not academy*

› I’m so sorry for my english language, but my english teacher was a really unable bitch!

Evolution. The fundamental condition for survival. By changing its appearance, moving the viewpoint, creating expectations and opportunities. The world has changed, and without much warning. We have pushed into areas where the only common denominator was always and inexorably “taste”. Music, furniture, design, graphics, illustration, photography. Everyone has always and only need to “taste”: the more questionable talent in the world. This blog is nothing more than a viewpoint on creativity and, above all, on the “taste”. Anything said “beauty will save the world” …. There is so truer and obvious. But, unlike any other discipline, aesthetics and beauty, you can’t teach. The culture of aesthetics is not democratic, it’s questionable. And, as another great lit, “taste is subjective, for those who don’t have it!”.

WHY NOT ACADEMY*_there are two type of persone. The “yes butter” and the “why not”. In the first case, no change, no creativity, no innovation. In the second case, we can change the world. Become a “why not” person. Nothing will stop us!

The material in this blog is work done by the firm. Pictures, art direction, design, graphics, engineering, brand. Comment, let us discuss it. There is more to learn. There is always to teach!